IMG_0108House system has been introduced in the school w.e.f. the academic session 2001-2002. House system is a must for a good progressive public school. To inculcate a healthy spirit of competition among the children the entire strength of the school students and teachers is divided into four houses named after great personality:-

1. Dayanand House
2. Vivekanand House
3. Raman House
4. Tagore House


Each house is in the charge of a House/mistress assisted by other teachers. Captains and vice-capatains lead their respective houses under the active guidance and supervision of the House Master/Mistress. Each house has its own, flag, colour, motto and activities. On the basis of house competitions, prizes and merit certificates are given to the winning the standing I, II and sometimes III in various activities. Likewise total performance of each houses is evaluated continuously and thus houses are also declared as I, II, III and IV on the basis of their performance and achievements.

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