The School curriculam has been formulated in according to N.C.E.R.T  Syllabus and followed C.B.S.E. guidelines. The School  is affilated with C.B.S.E., NEW DELHI.

According to the latest education thought,curriculam does not include only the academic subjects like English,Hindi,Sanskrit,Mathematics,

Science, Social Studies,Health and Physical education Work experiences that the pupils get through the manifold activities that go on in the school, in the class the library,in the laboratories,inthe play ground and personal contacts between teacher and pupils. A well planned programme is being drawn to provide opportunity for such kind of enrichment of experiences.

The school has well-equipped laboratories for Mathematics Languages, Physics,Chemistry,Biology and Home Science. The Library is well stocked and nicely maintained. A qualified librarian and a helper looks after the library. Efforts are being made to add more books and enrich it for the benefit of the student community. Education is imparted through various AudioVisualAids and computers.

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