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Education is the backbone of a society and the nation. The educated Citizens of a Country are assets to the nation. Moreover, education is the third eye of the human being. But education does not mean having bookish knowledge only but the holistic development of a child. And this trait is inculcated in a student through the school education. Mata Rukmani Rai Senior Secondary School Shahabad (M) is paving such a way for the students that they can cope up with the fast changing world. The management of the school tries its best to provide all the ultra modern facilities and the congenial atmosphere to study. The staff of the school is well educated, experienced and dedicated. The students of our school have topped on the District level in academic, national level in sports and in cultural activities many students have participated on national and international level. So we assure all the parents that their wards are in the right hands and education being imparted is for their all-round development.