Aims & Objects


The school aim is to provide quality education through english medium with the background of indian cultural heritage and vedic values as propounded by a great philosper swami dayanand ji, supporter of women education. He strongly advocated inculcation of sprite of patriotism & sense of pride root in our ancient thoughts and culture through mass education. The idea behind teaching in english is not to make student of western outlook but:

  1. To train them to compete at national and international level with their feet firmly rooted in Indian Vedic Culture and traditions.
  2. To develop academic excellence along with opportunities for flowering of individual talent, due emphasis is laid on formation of character and spirit of dedication for service to society.
  3. To prepare childern for facing the challenge of modern life by selfhelp and self study.


The motto of the school is enshrined in vedic philoshpy titled as ‘tamso ma jyotirgamya’ meaning “from darkness to light”. All efforts are directed towards the achievement of this goal.